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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee that you’ll save me money?

Simply put: unfortunately not. No contractor can guarantee you energy savings. (Watch out for ones who do!) 

Most homes — both new and old — usually waste energy somehow. There are often many ways to improve home energy efficiency and make weatherization services cost-effective. But before your home is tested and analyzed there is simply no way to guarantee that there will be ways to improve the way you’re using energy.

What we can guarantee though — what only Green Home Weatherization can promise — is that your home will be thoroughly tested and evaluated by our certified technicians, and based on those findings, a report listing cost-effective options for improving your home's energy rating will be provided to you. No one else will go to the lengths we will to try to save you money… That’s our guarantee.

Is there a time of the year that is better to assess my home?

No, we’re able to diagnose problems at any time of year.

It’s easier to do our infrared photography when there is at least a five-degree temperature difference between the inside of the home and the outside, but the short answer is don’t worry too much about the time of year

When will I see a return on my investment?

Improvements should pay for themselves in less than 3 years

There are a lot of weatherization services to consider. Where should I start?

Contact Green Home for help. We’ll check your home and tell you exactly where you should consider starting. We’ll also make recommendations and let you know which retrofits will be most cost-effective.

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